Northwest: Abysmal Abuse

In 2015 and 2016, I spent time in a distinctly beautiful region of Alaska: Northwest. Geographically, Northwest villages are pretty flat, especially … More

Precious Piglets

Exciting news to report from Port Heiden, Alaska. In the past couple weeks, two big pig mommas gave birth. Just … More

Eggs Hath Hatched

Port Heiden’s farm proudly welcomed two new members to its ranks recently. Freed from their protective carapaces, these tiny beak-demons … More

On Rest

Well, I took a week off from writing. It felt great, but I kept experiencing a nagging sensation of guilt … More

Dying Bering Sea Birds

The birds of the Bering Sea are dying in droves. Port Heiden’s shores have been awash in avian carcasses for … More

Hauling Out Husks

Good gear is life-changing. Small adjustments can make a huge difference over the long-haul. Reliable gear can also be critical … More

CoCo Chronicles #2

Dear Humanity, Farm life goes great. The reindeer and I had a little tiff last week. It was basically over … More

Zen & the Art of Bush Travel

Zen  \ ˈzen \ adj – having or showing qualities such as meditative calmness and an attitude of acceptance  Traveling to and … More