Precious Piglets

Exciting news to report from Port Heiden, Alaska. In the past couple weeks, two big pig mommas gave birth.

Just a few nights ago, eight piglets arrived…though only four of those now live. Two weeks prior, the first litter from a gigantic sow named Helga numbered eleven! And all of those are healthy and doing great. This brings the total pig population in Port Heiden to over twenty beasts! (*sniff sniff* What’s that I smell? Future bacon perhaps?)

Baby bacon

While this is fortunate for the farm, it will create some hardship. Pigs are not the most cost-effective livestock to maintain, especially for smaller operations. And with winter approaching, the farm’s stockpile of feed will need to be fortified. Especially since Port Heiden has food security risks that are heightened in winter months as weather can isolate this community for days and weeks at a time.

Luckily, Port Heiden is well-situated to make the most of its lush tundra and preparations are already underway for the snowy onslaught. Forage parties have been gathering local roughage for storage – Alaska’s abundant fireweed is particularly favored by pig, reindeer, and rabbit alike, much to the farm’s benefit.

“Yum” – the Farm Animal Collective

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