CoCo Chronicles #2

Dear Humanity,

Farm life goes great. The reindeer and I had a little tiff last week. It was basically over their incessant Whitney Houston glorification. (I’m a die-hard Tina Turner fan myself and can’t stand Whitney’s warbling).

The shifting seasons are upon us, events seen and lessons learned on the autumn tundra are transcendental. My daily walks reveal more and more fantastic mosses and grasses and berries to taste. Plus, I’ve made friends with several charming ground squirrels.

Additionally, alfalfa is the best…om nom nom nom

All in all, the farm prospers. Those cheeky chickens received new nesting boxes and their run got reinforced against wiley weasels and feisty foxes. The rabbits are all playing nicely and mating prodigiously. Of course, our pigs will ever be greedy and smelly. But best of all, the reindeer have agreed to only play Whitney while I’m out walking.

With each passing day, I can feel winter advancing steadily. The ground squirrels are all fat and burrowing deep now so they can cuddle hard later. Bears, after months of gorging on salmon, are starting to finally hit their peak weight before they lumber inland to slumber the winter away.

But the frost’s approach brings joyous news as well! We received word that two new reindeer may be coming to the farm from a sanctuary near Girdwood. The tribe thrives. Exciting times.

To be continued…

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