When Foxes Attack

Despite my unease around Port Heiden’s chickens, I’ve grown fond of the flightless wonders. Sure, their angry eyes and jerky … More

Chick It Out

Chickens are strange. Their feet give me the heeby-jeebies. And have you ever noticed the way their scowls flit from … More

Bug Buddy

Sunsets and sunrises in Port Heiden have been some of the most memorable moments in all my time here. I’ve … More

Beach Boons

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Beach Finds

Like many seldom-visited beaches, Port Heiden’s sandy expanses are FILLED with randomness. Mostly, the oddities are just detritus from the … More

A Village Friend

I made a friend in a village recently. For the sake of him and his family, I’ve changed his name … More

NSFWainwright: Vast & Wild

Warning: this post is mostly photographic and contains graphic images of bloody bones and guts and such. My colleague and … More