Beach Boons

You might’ve thought I was done talking about cool stuff from the beach. Ha! Not quite yet. Luckily, the beach theme is coming to a close soon, fear not.

As previously mentioned, Alaska’s beaches can render many treasures, perhaps the best one being tranquility.

But mementos, like sea glass, are great fun to find. I seek such prizes in Port Heiden to bestow upon friends and family from Anchorage and everywhere else. The smooth, colorful pieces of old bottles and vases are thrilling surprises to stumble upon out there in the sandy expanses.

Regardless of your goals – serenity, bliss, or goodies – good times abound at the beach.

These beach boons made possible by snacks aplenty

The above haul was found south of Meshik village (the old Port Heiden), along a sand bar that is known for its abundance of cool stuff.

Some of the shards are from glass floats used by Japanese fishing vessels. Strange side note: Japan has made a progressive shift toward using recycled glass (sometimes from old sake bottles!) to produce these floats.

I recently found a handy online guide that explains the different colors and origins of some sea glass – it inspired a desire to cruise the world looking for more shards.

None of the glass I’ve found in Port Heiden is exceptionally rare, but they’re also not that old. Which all makes sense, since glass hasn’t been around these parts very long. Or at least, not nearly as long as beaches on the European or Asian continents.

In order to find the most sea glass possible, I’ve been experimenting with a trick that trackers use: wide-angle vision or owl eyes. It makes me feel like an eagle, soaring high above castles of sand and fortifications of dust.

More on this method tomorrow. For the nonce, take care, be well, and keep soaring.

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