Summer’s Over

It’s official. The tundra is turning red, orange, and yellow. Morning comes with that long-awaited crispness. And the kids of … More

Reindeer Lineup

This is one of the first pictures I took of Port Heiden’s reindeer* (an “oldie but a goodie” as the … More

CoCo Chronicles #1

Dear Humanity: My name is CoCo the Cow and I live in Port Heiden, Alaska. When I told my family … More

Blueberry Bloom

It’s that time of year in Alaska. Berry-picking season is upon us. As the sun wanes daily from Port Heiden’s … More

Glass of the Past

The Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea are filled with stuff. Most of it is refuse from coastal nations and tragically … More

Yoga in the Wind

The Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Chain boast some of Alaska’s fiercest winds. Port Heiden, nestled in the center of the … More