CoCo Chronicles #1

Dear Humanity:

My name is CoCo the Cow and I live in Port Heiden, Alaska. When I told my family (back in Anchorage, Alaska) that I was leaving the city ranch life to pursue my dream of becoming a village farm icon, they thought I was crazy.

“CoCo, child,” my mother pleaded, “you’re just a gentle cow from the city, why go out to the sticks?! You’ll be so far away from us!” While she had a point – I am a gentle being – it was plain that neither mother nor the rest of my family understood this desire for adventure and wide open spaces.

Well, maybe they understood, but it was clear they didn’t accept the longing I felt to explore and expand my world. I (occasionally) miss (some of) them. Aw heck, I even miss Papa John’s Pizza every now and then. And sushi too. Oh, and 3D movies.

But can any of that compare to this?

Behold! Wide Open Spaces

Or this…?

My New Home: The Picturesque Alaska Peninsula

Yes, I’m a simple cow with simple pleasures. I love grazing, roaming, dairy products, and cuddles. And lately, I’ve grown terribly fond of photography and blogging, it’s great!

Why, just this last month I learned how to use a keyboard and Canon EOS. Which was no easy feat with hooves, let me tell you. (Luckily, a weird jolly ginger giant helped).

Also, thanks to the wonder of wifi (what will you humans think of next?!), I can FaceTime my family and we happily moo at each other till the…well, till all my family comes home.

But there’s one thing I can’t stand about my new home…these jerkfaces:


To be continued…

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