Topi – Puppies of Port Heiden

This is Topi (pronounced “toe-P”), he’s super friendly, opinionated about music, and oh so playful.

Topi drives a big maroon truck, which he tells me is because his favorite album of all time is Maroon, by the Barenaked Ladies (2000 CE). Not one of my favorites, Topi-meister, but I appreciate your style.

Yes, whenever the Topinator rolls on by blasting Pinch Me or those twelve other songs that never got any radio time, we all smile wistfully at his appreciation for upbeat Canadian rock.

I don’t even know how a puppy came across such a relic when he himself was only born in this Most Holy Year of Our Lorde Two-Thousand and Seventeen. But it seems to suit him.

When asked how his Topi-ness felt about contemporary Canadian musician Alanis Morisette, his only response was, “I blame her for every romance I’ve ever had with angsty Canadian women.”

Experts can only ponder what this neutered Corgi meant by such a statement.

Rock on, Topi, rock on

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