Jacko – Puppies of Port Heiden

This is Jacko. He’s great.

One time, Jacko got tired and chilly on an evening walk, so I zipped him into my hoodie and packed him around for a few miles. It was pleasant to get occasional licks of gratitude on my chin, and as the temperatures dropped with nightfall, I was glad for the little hairy space heater in my sweatshirt.

Every litter of pups has a pecking order. This hierarchy starts with the alpha and ends with the runt. In the case of the partial litter that arrived on the Alaska Peninsula this June, Foster is the alpha and his little brother, Jacko, is the runt.

Pre-coma Jacko

Jacko was adopted by a great Port Heiden family (Jake’s cousins, actually!) and they first named him ‘Lono’ before ‘Grandad’ was considered (due to the grey on his face). But this gregarious goofball ultimately ended up being Jacko and it’s a fittingly rambunctious name.

When he landed in the village, Jacko was pretty nervous (which I’m told is typical of any litter’s littlest member. Also, small plane rides are scary for adult humans with consciousness, let alone a little instinct-driven puppy). Luckily, his ultra-skittish tendencies have died down, but he’s still high-energy and it’s amazing. He is every bit of erratic that Foster isn’t.

Jacko at play

Jacko is endearingly fond of affection and his hyperactive tendencies are only mitigated by comas and cuddles. He vacillates between GO GO GO! and sleepy time as only the truly young at heart can. (Pro-tip: Jacko’s ‘nap button’ is right behind his ears. Apply scratches and croon the magic words, “who’s a good boy?” for best results).

In terms of coloring, Jacko might be one of the most distinctive doggos I’ve ever known. He’s got this tan/grey combo that streaks across his jaw and underbelly, with a black back and tail. It’s a stunning look, and I have to admit, he rocks it.

On the whole though, his handsomeness aside, it’s Jacko’s inquisitive nature that won me over for good. This pup loves to explore and his seemingly boundless curiosity amounts to glee (and maybe some headaches) for young and old alike. We all love Jacko’s madness, though sorta can’t wait till his puppy proclivities are behind him.

This photo made possible by holding a piece of jerky above the camera

The moral to this story: whether you’re an alpha or runt, make the most of your coloring.

Tomorrow, we get to meet the cutest Corgi in Christendom.

See ya then!

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