Foster – Puppies of Port Heiden

Meet Foster, he’s amazing and pretty darn mellow for a pup of mixed husky heritage. He enjoys salmon, walking around Port Heiden, and the dulcet tones of Depeche Mode’s deeper cuts.

Jake adopted Foster from Anchorage back in July. The little ball of fuzz took an instant shine to Jake, who proved to be an amazing puppy parent and potty-trained Foster in under a week.

Turns out, Jake is a pro at this game. “I raised three puppies growing up, but my dad sold them once they were fully trained.” It seemed sad to hear, but has made Jake all the more excited to have a puppy pal of his very own. And what a pup this is!

Foster, chillest of the chill

Seriously, I’ve never met a cooler lupine baby.

Foster is calm most of the time, but gets playful when around other dogs or kiddos. That being said, he listens astutely when Jake issues a command.

I was even able to get Foster to sit and lay down within a couple weeks of his arrival. It was all a testament to Jake’s good ‘parenting.’ The two are almost inseparable now, with Foster following Jake nigh everywhere he goes.


Sometimes, Foster will get sleepy on walks and Jake hoists him onward. Other times, I suspect Foster just likes to be carried around and fakes his exhaustion. It’s definitely effective, as I’ve been lured by these displays too.

Of all the little pups I’ve gotten to know in Port Heiden so far, Foster is easily my favorite. But I think that’s what happens when training is taken seriously by a committed owner. Jake’s puppy savvy is evident in Foster’s awesomeness. (Though I’m sure that the genetic lottery helped too).

Tomorrow, Foster’s brother makes an appearance!


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