Puppies are great. Their clumsy fluffiness brings joy to child and cantankerous coot alike.

One of my favorite aspects of life in Port Heiden is the plethora of baby canines. Almost everyone has dogs in this beautiful village on the Alaska Peninsula. The next series of posts will discuss the puppy pals of Port Heiden; with antics aplenty, their presence livens up any moment in the village.

Unfortunately, limited access to veterinary services in rural Alaska is a tough reality in which to raise a pup. Due to this, many Alaskan villages face difficult challenges, including several that have packs of semi-feral dogs. While Port Heiden has some occasional free-ranging hounds, every one of them is known and owned (to some degree) by residents. But on the whole, folks adore and spoil their four-legged best friends.

Jake and Foster

In yesterday’s post about the road crew, I introduced a young fellow named Jake. The picture above was taken in Jake’s rig and the beautiful ‘husky mix’ keeping him company is Foster.

More on them tomorrow.

Happy howling!

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  1. Thanks for the introductions & profiles of people!
    Hearing about the landscape is great, but I was hoping to see more about the people that live in the area too!

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