Spot-on-Head – Puppies of Port Heiden

This is “Spot-on-Head.” Though I think her real name now is Hunter, or Hunter-girl, to invoke her femininity.

However, Spot-on-Head sounds far more descriptive and hilarious, so we’ll stick with that. Plus, if we shorten this nomenclature to “Spot” alone, then she has the same name as Lieutenant Commander Data’s cat-friend on the hit 90s sci-fi show, Star Trek: The Next Generation. So, Spot it is.

Spot was born with oodles of sisters, and they’re all pretty hilarious. They antagonize one another nonstop. Ear biting, pouncing, tackling, dog-piles, all manner of madness. Which is why Spot sorta had narcolepsy for awhile (she could fall asleep at the drop of a hat!).

Grade-A Puppy Antics

When they were first born, their little coats were almost all white and dappled grey. But they’ve since gotten bits of brown and more grey and black. It’s beautiful.

Spot has since grown considerably; but for a little while, she kept me company in my pocket.

Pocket’d Spot slept all the time and peed on me once, but it was endearing and I doubt she meant it.

Sleepy Spot

More on Spot’s gregarious pack tomorrow!

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