Reindeer Games

Reindeer are really silly. I’ve written about Port Heiden’s reindeer before, but the summer months have revealed more.

Like the fact that their winter fuzz falls off to reveal svelte tan summer coats beneath.

It’s like molting, but without the feathers

Or the fact that Port Heiden’s residents aren’t a fan of reindeer games in their gardens and lawns. While this is surely a nuisance, it’s still humorous to see someone chasing the reindeer away with a broom or mop.

“Gosh darn it, Kathy, them velour reindeer are back! Grab the broom!”

Their silliness knows no end, and apparently their biorhythms are boundless too; the herd welcomed a very late arrival at the end of July. This anomaly was well outside the anticipated calving season, which usually runs from April through May.

Bottle feeding reindeer, another day in Port Heiden

Yet, despite the tardiness, the new reindeer girl seems to be doing just fine.

The herd grows.

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