Why Walk?

This post highlights my five favorite reasons to walk.

Some folks in Port Heiden love to walk, they’re in the minority though. Most drive four wheelers or trucks. Which makes sense for hauling stuff and not wanting to run into bears and wolves. Plus, time is precious and sometimes you’ve got places to be.

The walking crew, such as it is, definitely enjoys walking with canine pals. Like the little fellow riding in my hoodie, Lono.

Lono loves walks, especially when he gets a free ride

Anyhow, whether you’ve got a puppy buddy or not, there are scores of reasons to go on walks. Here are my favorites. Ready? Go!

  1. It’s a lot easier to notice the little things and meditate while walking. The Buddha was a big fan and I can’t say I blame him. With movement and awareness of the world comes increased opportunities to observe. Are you paying attention to what’s around you?
  2. You’ll live longer. Seriously, it adds years to your life. And if you suffer from Alzheimer’s or are at risk, walking strengthens neural connectivity.
  3. Boost creativity. According to a 2014 Stanford study, it doesn’t matter if you walk inside or outside, on a trail or treadmill. Your brain gets a creative boost from the mere act of walking!
  4. Lower blood pressure. Which is a benefit of any physical activity, but walking is one of the simplest ways to do it.
  5. It may be as good for you as running. Yep, a plethora of health benefits that you get from running can be had from walking too!

So, whatever your reasons, I hope you’ll go for a nice walk today… and every day for the rest of your long life.

Happy trotting!A80A2DB7-89AF-429C-AE66-222E9CF8EEBE

(This now concludes the walking-themed portion of this blogcast, have a nice day)

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