Nightmute Day 3: Photo Log

Greetings Wide Wild World.

My fingers feel frosty after a 2 degree day, so I’m going to take a break today and share some random pictures that don’t necessarily fit with a narrative.

However, I’m excited to continue writing tomorrow. A glimpse of things to come in the approaching days: a taste of local folklore, deep communal connections among Yup’ik families, conversations with an Outsider who’s since turned Local, and more adventures with cuddly canine companions.

For now, I hope you enjoy some pictures! I dedicate this post to all my friends…without their love and support, this experience would never be. As the final picture reiterates, it’s nice to be known.


The sunset yesterday made for some cool back lighting on the new school site.


Pre-dawn on a ridge over Nightmute.


Pre-dawn elevation over Nightmute.


The kids made a snowman to keep us company as we worked. Fun fact: that’s not coal, but musk-ox nuggets.


I’ve made a few trips to the local cemetery. It’s set on a little hill above the town, as though Nightmute’s ancestors are keeping constant watch on the village.


Sunrise from the graveyard overlooking Nightmute.


Sunrise by the airport.


Sunset with a surveyor.


A reminder of why friends are so great.

Thank you to each of my friends.

© Chasen Cunitz and, 2017

Use or duplication of this material without express and written permission is prohibited.

Alaska: Village to Village

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