Calm Skies

In yesterday’s post, I prattled a bit about Port Heiden’s winds and what a neat attribute they are to life on the Alaska Peninsula.

As I learn from folks that have been here longest, I’m discovering an amazing trove of observational wisdom about predicting the weather. It’s not perfect, but there are certain trends.

The first truth I experienced was this: when the winds stop, something big is building.

Similarly, the longer the calm, the heavier the eventual onslaught.

A tempest builds

I like to think this is true of more than just the weather. Life around us is always shifting and times of relative societal calm might just be preludes to nasty storms building further off.

Regardless, it has been an empowering daily practice to simply look up and take note of wind speed and direction. Besides, looking up is nice. No matter what, the sky is always there and it’s constantly changing. So even if conditions aren’t great today, they’ll eventually transition. Just like the rest of the world around us.

Gazing skyward feels like a good act of gratitude and helps me remember to stay positive. Kinda like looking on the bright side of life.

And you never know what might be happening right above you.

So slow down.

Look up.

Sometimes the sly sky yields a surprise

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